The stainless steel spring wire

The stainless steel spring wire of the pulley wire drawing machine is widely used in various fields of the national economy, such as automobiles, electronics, daily necessities, switches, machinery, metallurgy, light industry, etc. The annual growth rate of my country’s spring product market has always maintained a double-digit high-speed growth momentum. my country has now become one of the important investment, production and consumption markets for global spring technology products, and has gradually formed a spring industry market with huge development potential.
It is composed of the main reducer, the mold box, the wheel frame, the wire frame and the electrical control system. Each drawing reel is decelerated by the motor through the gear coupling to drive the two-stage cylindrical gears with different speed ratios, so that the reel rotates. The drawing reel is vertical and installed on the box body of the cover. lubricating. The inner wall of the reel is equipped with a cooling water spray device to reduce the residual heat on the surface of the reel of the wire transmission line after drawing, and the drawing die is immersed in the cooling water to reduce the working temperature of the die.
The utility model relates to a wire drawing equipment for welding wire raw materials, in particular to a pulley type wire drawing machine. It is composed of several groups of machines and edge machines. The edge machine is at the end of the whole device. The edge machine is composed of a side base and a die. The extension has a base, and the base has a beam frame and a switch group. The beam frame There is an upper wire pulley on the upper surface, a base on the base, a pulley on the base, a swing arm on the pulley, the swing arm is fixed on the top of the pulley, and the side of the base is sequentially provided with an abrasive box and a lower wire pulley. The grinding tool box and the lower wire wheel are fixedly arranged on the seat body, the grinding tool box is fixedly arranged on the side seat body, and the grinding tool box is arranged on the side surface of the die. The beneficial effects of the utility model are that the structure is simple, the operation is convenient, the wire drawing speed is fast, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.

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