Straight type drawing machine

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In the metal products industry, wire drawing machines are constantly innovating in two aspects: improving wire quality and production efficiency. The rapid development of automatic control and computer technology has promoted major innovations in metal products equipment. The adaptive straight wire drawing machine is the product of this innovation. Compared with the traditional straight wire drawing machine, pulley wire drawing machine and looper wire drawing machine, the adaptive straight wire drawing machine is more convenient to operate. At the same time, it reduces the degree of wire bending and avoids wire twisting, which helps greatly improve the quality and production efficiency of the wire. This model has been more and more widely used and developed in the industry.

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All types of straight wire drawing machines independently developed by our company are new self-adaptive wire drawing machines that use AC variable frequency drive, field bus communication, and industrial computer control. whcih can draw steel, aluminum, copper and other metal wires stably at high speed. The whole machine is equipped with a complete electronic control system and a relatively independent self-flowing water sealing cooling system.

Straight type drawing machine

(mm) Drum's diameter250350400560(600)7008001200
Drawing times101211610(High carbon wire)9(High carbon wire)9(High carbon wire)
(mm) Max.wire inlet22.836.56.5-86.5-1212-14
(mm) Min.wire outlet0.50.812.51.8-2.52.0-4.04.0-5.0
(m/s) Finished wire speed30302012.512107.5
(kw) Motor power1111-18.515-2222-3745-9055-110110-132
Variable frequency motor or direct drive motor

1. The welding machine must be placed on a flat surface and no flammable, explosive or corrosive items should be placed around it.

2. The welding machine must have reliable grounding protection and must not be exposed to moisture.

3. Remove the welding slag from the jaws in time after welding.

4. When overhauling the welding machine, make sure to cut off the power supply.

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