Inverted wire drawing machine

Inverted wire drawing machine is a wire drawing machine with dual functions of wire drawing and wire take-up, which is specially designed for the continuous and twist-free operation of large coils. It is suitable for drawing high, medium and low carbon steel wire, special-shaped steel wire, stainless steel wire, and thick non-ferrous metal wire, especially for standard parts industry and shelf manufacturing. The maximum incoming wire diameter can reach 30mm, and the reel diameter is 600-1400mm.
The structure of the inverted wire drawing machine is named after the structure of the inverted wire drawing machine. The reel is at the lower part of this height, and there is a track at the bottom of the inverted wire drawing machine to facilitate the wiring of the take-up reel. Inverted wire drawing is suitable for drawing a wide range of wires. It is suitable for the diameter of Φ6.5-30mm moving disk, aluminum vertical coil and copper coil. The big feature is that when drawing and reducing the diameter, large coils are collected and heavy coils are collected. The compression rate is generally 15-30%. , The speed is stable, and the gantry frame semi-enclosed drawing process is safe and reliable. It is understood that a shelling and dephosphorization device is required, which is suitable for the production of bright wire. The display form of different wire drawing machine control systems is circular drawing and inverted drawing. , There are different display forms of the drawing control system, which can easily pull out different drawing machine production speeds. With the advantages of everyone, combined with hydraulic, gas-electric, and advanced system machines, the domestic vertical wire drawing machine technology and the international perfect equipment complement each other. And exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries.

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