Inverted Wire Drawing Machine


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LDD series inverted wire drawing machine is a device for drawing high, medium and low carbon wires, alloy wires and non-ferrous metal wires without sliding. It mainly meets the requirements of the continuous production process of the reel-heavy wire, with the advantages of large specifications of the drawn wire, large take-up reel, simple equipment operation, simple and reliable control, and convenient maintenance.

Inverted Wire Drawing Machine
Inverted wire drawing machine LDD-650、LDD-800、LDD-1000、LDD-1200、LDD-1400
Type LDD-1400 LDD-1200 LDD-1000 LDD-800 LDD-650
Drum's diameter (mm) 1400 1200 1000 800 650
Max.diameter of wire inlet (mm) 42 30 20 16 12
Drawing speed (m/min) 0-28 0-48 0-60 0-80 0-120
Motor's power (kw) 110-132 75-90 55 37-45 22-30
Finished wire's coil weight (kg) 2500 2500 2500 2000 1200

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