QMSJL600 trunk type wire winding with fine drawing machine

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QMSJL600 trunk type wire winding with fine drawing machine, will Φ5.0mm ∽Φ1.5mm low carbon materials, or non-ferrous materials, through the drawing and winding on the accumulation of wire bar, this piece can be used alone, but also can be used in direct wire drawing machine, pulley type drawing machine or various water tank type drawing machine, but also adapt to other occasions. The main feature is that it can be used continuously without stopping to draw the wire, without stopping to change the disc, with high work efficiency and high disc weight.

Equipment composition and working principle:
QMSJL600ElModel elephant nose winders are mainly composed of a box, frame, turntable assembly, each guide wheel assembly, drawing die box, take-up reel, elephant nose frame, accumulating wire bar, motor, etc.

The wire passes through the wire guide wheel, passes through the hollow spindle and is exported by the intermediate guide wheel to the inclined guide wheel on the turntable, and is then drawn through the wire drawing die box so that the wire is wound on the take-up reel. When the motor drives the hollow spindle through the belt drive, the wire is continuously wound on the reel, while the wire in circles on the reel falls in turn through the elephant trunk frame onto the accumulation bar.

When the wire accumulation bar is full, the pneumatic hooking device moves the trunking frame upwards, separating it from the wire accumulation bar, and replacing it with an empty wire accumulation bar through the trolley round trip, the hooking device moves the trunking frame downwards, completing a tray change The whole process is completed with continuous drawing, so that no stopping to change discs is achieved and high work efficiency is achieved.

This piece is equipped with a pneumatic payoff, when threading, the cylinder shortens to move the head of the payoff down, when in working condition, the cylinder extends to keep the head of the payoff in a high position!

Motor power 18.5(22)KW
(mm) Drawing drum diameter 600
(mm)Scope of wire diameter suitable for 1.5-5.5
(kg) Finished wire coil weight 500
(mm) Wire accumulate frame height 980
(m/min) Drawing speed 220

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